Hospitality Suite

Mind entertainment for your Hospitality or corporate suite allows your guests to intimately experience moments of pure astonishment - one on one. Moments of mystery that they will long remember and will be talking about among their friends and peers for days. Brett offers unlimited options to suit your unique needs.

Brett Barry can perform during the drinks reception or at a cocktail drinks event, as he mingles with your guests while engaging them in some truly mesmerizing demonstrations of the impossible. Minds will be read, and quarters will melt like butter.

Companies like Altria, Chubb Insurance, and Microsoft have engaged Brett over the years when they have sought out amazing entertainment that always delivers. 

The simplest everyday items are Brett's tool-set, which he deftly uses to peer silently into the mind; Ordinary house coins, books, coins, magazines, envelopes, cards and drawings become mirrors of thoughts. This is interactive entertainment.... each and every member of the audience is involved; They don't just watch...they participate in the experience.

Brett uncovers thoughts in the most inexplicable of ways. Your guests will be talking for days about their shared experiences. They may very well be given a signed quarter, a twisted key or spoon as a keepsake – the one that they saw melt right in front of their eyes.

We are all familiar with the power of subliminal messages in advertising. Brett deftly explores these same types of behavioral techniques to either project or pick up on thoughts in a series of fun yet unexplained experiments.
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