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Sit back. Relax. Get ready to have your guests taken to entertaining destinations.

Brett makes NO psychic claims. He readily admits that everything that your guests think they are experiencing is "UN-REAL."

Call it food for thought. Call it mind games. Call it an evening of incredible entertainment. This is NOT a magic show, but something far more intimate and unexplainable. Minds WILL apparently be read, and whispered cell phone pin codes WILL be revealed - as Brett hands a previously locked phone to it's owner.    

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; For those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice."   




"I’ve been tracking
the survey results and the attendees absolutely loved your presence at the
reception and your performance during the awards show"


MIngling Entertainment

"We all woke up today from our corporate event, trying to figure out how the heck he pulled off his effects. Wow"



Mystery Guest Mingle

This is Brett's "signature" strolling show. He will be your ultimate party “mystery guest” as he casually strolls through the crowd, leaving a trail of smiles, He knows a guest's best friend's name from grade school. He knows their pin # and unlocks their phone.  

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The Stage Show

Whether you require a unique headline entertainer for your event, or an engaging emcee - Brett can help bring it all together into a standing ovation package. He will design a customized mind reading experience for your unique needs. He will expand your definition of "impossible" and inspire your guests with his signature mind games. 

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The Keynote Speaker

Brett Barry cultivates nearly 25+ years of "in the trenches" sales experience, non-verbal communication knowledge, and psychological techniques for influencing behaviors. Brett has taught both Fortune 500 and smaller companies how salespeople can work more successfully & effectively. Brett can design a keynote or seminar that will be entertaining & impactful. 

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Secret Room Experience

The Secret Room is an intimate and mysterious place within your home or at your hotel/venue that is set aside from the main party. This is a place where Brett can offer a one-of-a-kind experience for small groups of guests who "discover" the room at some point in the evening. It might be a whisper in their ears, or perhaps a rumor of something special during your main event. 

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Trade Show Magnet

Trade show work is Brett’s specialty – this is the ultimate way to draw prospects to your booth, as prospects lower their trade show defenses and enjoy some unique entertainment. Brett's 25 year sales background + eye-popping entertainment = the busiest booth at the show. Brett incorporates your hottest products and message into his presentation, generating crowds and potential customers like a mind reading magnet.

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Hospitality Suite

Cocktail receptions and corporate hospitality suites are engaging opportunities to connect and build client  relationships, prospects and important business partners. But how do you make your event memorable? How do you stand out from the rest of the pack? Brett's mind reading entertainment offers an innovative solution that will make your Hospitality Suite memorable and talked about for weeks.

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Client Reviews & Raves

He is truly a master of his craft. His unbelievable effects & illusions left VIP guests Larry Fitzgerald and team baffled and amazed long after he disappeared into the evening. If you are looking for mind-blowing entertainment, Brett is your man; we will certainly have him top of mind for future events.

Natasha Borota, CEO The It Factor Ltd.

Brett Barry was the highlight of our event. He was absolutely phenomenal and amazed every one of the 300 guests with his exceptional talents. Brett went above and beyond expectations and made sure that he created memorable and special moments for our guests. 

Colin S, Thunderbird School Of Global Management

The guests absolutely loved him and his abilities. We had a few skeptics in the beginning, however by the end they were in complete awe of his abilities. I will definitely be looking to hire Brett for our next event and cannot wait to see what else he is capable of! Truly a memorable experience and evening, thanks to Brett Barry

Brooke Houghton, American Express

Reviews & Raves

We wanted to last minute hire a mentalist for our company retreat and OMG Brett blew us all away beyond imagination! He incorporated little company details that made the show feel personal and did “tricks” we had
never seen before and could not even comprehend. His show was the talk of the retreat and I know it will be for years. Thank you Brett!!!
Definitely hire him.

Cassey Ho, CEO PopFlex & Blogilates

Brett was a delight to have at our Audi event. From the moment he arrived he drew everyone in. He created a magical mood during our reception that teased our employees with what to expect during his after-dinner show. Even the most skeptical ones in the crowd found their jaws dropping as they saw Brett seemingly read others minds, thoughts, and body language. Let yourself be amazed and book Brett for your next event.

Mark Reicks, Audi

Everyone had such a great time at our Fiesta Bowl Ladies Day event. I have heard nothing but positive feedback since then; everyone adored you and your entertainment! You certainly added to the positive vibe I was going for. You were everything you market yourself to be, and so much more. You exceeded our expectations by far. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of this event and making it an unforgettable experience.

Kassandra Watkins, The Fiesta Bowl

"Brett Knocked it out of the park. His Mentalist entertainment at our corporate event was a smashing success in every way. I highly recommend anyone thinking about hiring Brett for an event to stop thinking about it, and just do it. You will not be sorry."

 Scott Wood - Partner         Benefit Commerce Group

"He took a National collection of 650 energy executives and just blew them away. Some if not most in the audience held engineering degrees along with their doctorates, yet they were dumb founded by the end of the stage show. We will book Brett again and again." 

Jason W. Haley - President FishEye Media Productions Inc.

Hiring Brett for your event - whether a corporate function, party, wedding reception, cocktail party, or WHATEVER will mean the difference of the event being an average night, or a completely unforgettable experience.  I will never have a party again without Brett there.  Simply put - the best.

Kelly W, Scottsdale AZ

Client Reviews & Raves

Our customers were blown away by his talent. People were still talking about him the next day. He was professional and kept people engaged and highly entertained. He had a good variety of mental tricks - far more than I had anticipated. I would HIGHLY recommend him for your next corporate event.

Nasreen Riahizadeh. Eurodrip USA

As with most companies trying to find good entertainment is very difficult. Online reviews are sometimes questionable. I want to reassure anyone looking for a solid, professional entertainer for an event that you will not go wrong with Brett. He exceeded every expectation. He was very professional through the entire process. Then he delivered an amazing performance. There were so many positive comments. Rest assured he will deliver.

Tim Beuden, Blood Systems Inc

I have been doing events for several years! Brett has been the BEST talent ever for our trade shows and corporate events. He is simply an amazing person with amazing talent who I would recommend to anyone... any time. 

Katie Spence, Senior Director, SAP

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