"Brett has been the 'X Factor' in every trade-show we've done together.  From drawing in the big crowds, to working our messaging into every experience, he has been the single best investment in our events to date. He converts foot traffic to interest, destroys emotional barriers and creates a sense of camaraderie that easily allows any level of sales person to ascertain a prospects needs and gather their data. The only line item for the next 12 months that is guaranteed is for our favorite Mentalist."


Trade show work is Brett’s specialty – this is the ULTIMATE way to feed prospects to your booth and make your booth the busiest at the show. Attendees will lower their trade show defenses and as they enjoy some unique entertainment. Brett incorporates your hottest products, features and messages into his presentation - generating impressive crowds and potential customers like a mind reading force. Brett asks key questions, and finds out the needs of potential customers. 

Then after a few minutes of mind reading and banter, Brett will then turn the group over to your waiting sales staff to scan badges and collect business cards & warm leads.

Brett’s subtle techniques are never heavy handed, but they are always meshed with your marketing goals.

Brett's 3 decades as a top salesman provides powerful insights to help your firm highlight products/ features and benefits. Brett understands that simply “parroting” and spewing out product features is meaningless. With your sales staff nearby watching and listening, your salespeople will have a warmer lead with some real insights into your potential client’s mind – helping you to set your company apart from the pack at the trade show!

Brett entertainingly asks the surrounding crowd a few KEY questions about THEIR specific product needs or challenges – just before he reveals their thought of word or card. He can ask the questions that you want the answers for. 

Lets face it: attendees have VERY short attention spans as they wander about for the endless trade show “swag” that almost never generates REAL leads (pens, key-chains, candy, T-Shirts, etc).

Many of your customers have already seen Magicians at trade shows (and many are outstanding).

But how many have seen a Mentalist? A performer that will make your product stand, explain features memorably and draw far bigger crowds to your displays.

Product pitches MUST be combined with a presentation which is interactive and focuses on the prospect’s NEEDS as #1. If the customer feels you understand their needs, then the defenses come down and the sale can be made.

Brett Barry can also perform during the VIP drinks reception or at a cocktail drinks event for the hottest prospects of the trade show day, mingling with your guests while engaging them in some truly mesmerizing demonstrations of the impossible.

 Only a Trade Show Mentalist Can…

Attract Crowds

Trade show mind readers are always a hit on the exhibit floor. His metal bending and engaging mind reading will stop people in their tracks and get them interested in your company’s latest product.

Educate, Entertain + Inform

Brett's custom scripting will incorporate your products or services into his presentation. Booth visitors will learn WHY they should do business with you. He will work hand in hand with clients for weeks to learn about the product and mesh it with an amazing thought reading show.

Pre-Qualify Leads

Lets face it: Not everyone who stops by your booth is a potential customer or client. Brett's amazing entertainment will help sift out gold nugget leads from the rest of the tire kickers.

Increase Follow-up Opportunities

After his performance, he will guide prospects to your trade show booth staff. They will already know about your products and services, so you’ll know that they are truly interested.

Create Buzz & Excitement

Mind Reading appeals to all ages and backgrounds. With a trade show Mentalist, you don’t need a big booth to have a BIG presence on the trade show floor!  Brett Barry offers a variety of effective corporate entertainment options: Please contact him to discuss your needs at +1 623 282 4864.

Walking around Breakbulk Houston on the Wednesday and Thursday, I definitely picked up positive buzz. That buzz in no small way is due to YOU and what you brought to our show.  

ANDY POWELL, Chartering Director G2 Ocean