Secret Room Experience

The Secret Room is an intimate place that is set aside from the main party.  This secret destination within your venue is where Brett awaits, providing his one-of-a-kind "mind experience" for your guests. Influence, behavior, and perception will be explored.

Rather than interrupting conversations, lowering the music, or competing with food & drinks for attention, the Secret Room option allows the opportunity to create a dedicated space with a magical mind reading atmosphere that will deliciously impact small groups of guests from the moment they enter. 

Guests will all experience the mysteries and power of the pendulum, along with mind reading and metal bending. The host, CEO, or event planner passes out special printed mystery invitations (which we can provide) for entrance to the Secret Room, each pass valid for certain short time-frames during the evening. Guests are directed to and locate the room, with no more than 15-40 guests at a time within the room.

Once inside, thoughts will be read and minds will be entertained with mini shows lasting 10-15 minutes at a time. 

The ultimate place, for the ultimate event. The Secret Room.