• Brett's show is designed to help the audience remember your company marketing message.
  • Brett's show will help everyone remember the technical aspects of new products or features
  • Focus attention on any message the company wants to drive home to the audience.
  • The most fun and unique way of getting across a message.

It is also possible to create special merchandise incorporating a company logo or message, that will be used for experiments during the show, this will further help implant in people's mind the product or company message.

Brett's "Inception & Deception" is suitable for larger audiences of 150+ guests, and can be amazingly customized for your corporate group to spotlight certain products, features, or company goals within the overall scope of Brett's show. Your features can be integrated seamlessly, and the stage show is always best suited for after dinner/ dessert or after/before awards. 

Whether you require a unique headline entertainer for your event, or an engaging emcee - Brett can help bring it all together into a standing ovation package. He will design an experience customized to your unique needs, and will expand your notions about what is possible and inspire your guests with impossible mind games.  

Brett's engaging personality will make everyone feel at home, as they experience moments of apparent telepathy, influence, telekinesis and (most importantly) laughter!.  

The Stage Show is a more elaborate psychic entertainment option featuring music, on screen visuals, and this option includes up to 30 minutes of client consultation via phone prior to your event. 

Major companies such as Clorox, Learning Express, Corning, and Landys+Gyr have featured Brett's entertainment their employees after dinner (or company awards), to cap off the perfect evening. Brett can also help emcee your event. 

Brett specializes in customizing corporate shows and his routines with the features, ideas & products that you wish to convey to your sophisticated group.  

The Stage show is the right choice for larger groups seeking the ultimate Mind Reading roller coaster ride show of 20-60 minutes in duration.

We strongly recommend the Stage Show as AFTER Dinner Entertainment. Unlike a typical magic show, Brett's Inception & Deception show is best suited after the dinner plates are cleared, and there are a minimum of distractions. 

Brett's stage show is lively and interactive, with extensive audience participation and filled with mind bending twists and hairpin turns. Brett never embarrasses anyone - he always celebrates their mental powers and untapped potential. Guests will be talking about the show for days. How did he know?

Elevate your next conference, awards banquet, or business meeting and call us now to learn how Brett Barry can combine both entertainment and your product/company to spice up your corporate event..