Mystery Guest Mingle

The Mystery Guest Mingle is one of Brett's "signature" shows.

He will be your ultimate party “mystery guest” as he casually strolls through the crowd, leaving a trail of smiles, This is an ideal option, ideally suited for 50 - 300 guests. Brett arrives smartly dressed in executive attire. Is he an attendee? Is he a new hire? Is he the new CFO?

No one knows - yet.

After arriving, Brett gets to work gliding through the room, remembering almost everyone's name and bringing small groups together like a magnet. He casually introduces people who may not know each other. He is always respectful, professional and unobtrusive. He is never pushy. He is always entertaining. 

As the room begins to warm towards utter amazement, people begin to wonder; What is going on? The clapping, the laughter, the screams of "how did you know?" make any party buzz with excitement. 

With no preparation, Brett somehow knows a best friend's name from grade school. He knows another guests mobile pin # and even unlocks their phone. He knows the exact words a couple are simply thinking about from a recent Time Magazine, with back turned. 

Where did you find this guy? 

Discover why Larry Fitzgerald and The Arizona Cardinals organization have privately engaged Brett for his Mystery Guest Mingling Entertainment 3 years running for their team and charity events. 

Brett will be your ultimate team player, warming up an entire party with his fun mind bending entertainment. 

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